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Countries: Brazil

We recently spent 4 weeks in Jacare (July 2010).
The first week at anchor in front of “Jarace-village” and the last 3 weeks at “Ribeira adventure club”. This is a new option in the area. Luciano, a local Brazilian, started this small marina only 4 months ago on the other side of Stuart Island. He sailed the South American East coast extensively in the last 5 years before settling here. Luciano and wife, Concieta, are very friendly and helpful. He speaks Spanish and English.
Ribeira is a very small and tranquil fishing village with no food shops. The marina is still in the early phase of development. At the moment he offers cheap prices, front and back moorings for about 10 boats and anchor space. Water, electricity and internet use is available. One can enjoy cruisers-meeting-drinks and tapas at Luciano’s small bar.
The best is to visit his website: www.ribeiraadventureclub.blogspot.com and get the waypoints, as there are sandbanks on the way to Ribeira. We had no problem with a draft of 1.7m .
There are regular water taxis at 2R/S pp from your boat to Jacare. This place is a welcome relief from the all night loud music at Jacare and a very good option for the cruiser on a tight budget.
Jaco and Christelle
S/V Songerie

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